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F&I Department

The numerous benefits of Achieving F&I Excellence!TM training include:


  • Changes manager's focus from "selling" products to helping customers, increasing product sales, profits and customer delight with the F&I process.

  • Implements a customer-centered, needs-based F&I presentation based upon the customer's agenda, not the F&I manager's agenda.

  • Trains managers to respond positively to customers' questions, concerns and objections.

  • Enables F&I managers to use objections to help lead customers to positive buying decisions.

  • Provides basic and advanced sales techniques, with 10 great visual aids and service contract closes.

  • Shows managers how to evaluate and analyze credit from a lender's perspective in order to provide paper buyers with valid reasons to approve the credit-challenged customer.

  • Educates managers with regard to the laws and regulations that impact F&I on a daily basis.

  • Ensures that proven, consistent F&I processes and best practices are utilized.

  • Increases sales of all F&I products by providing an F&I process that enables managers to collapse confrontation at the point of contact.

  • Creates in every F&I manager a tradition of excellence and a genuine belief in their products and their own abilities. 


Service Department


Our "Service Managers Roundtable" is a unique opportunity for dealership service managers and directors. Participants are able to discuss current issues, sharing invaluable tips and techniques with their peers from around the country, as well as tour our office and listen in as adjusters process actual claims.

2020 Training Schedule

F&I Training


Achieving F&I Excellence!TM is presented by Ron Reahard in Scottsdale; classes in Tennessee may be presented by a member of Reahard & Associates.


September 15-18

Scottsdale, AZ


October 6-8

Seattle, WA*


October 13-16

Scottsdale, AZ


October 19-21

Mansfield, MA*


November 17-20

Scottsdale, AZ


December 7-9

Salt Lake City, UT*

Postponed due to


Postponed due to


Postponed due to



F&I Manager Certification Course
with Ron Reahard
President of Reahard & Associates

The premier, consultative, menu-based F&I certification program presented by the nationally recognized F&I trainer, author and NADA speaker.

Ron Reinhart 

President of Reahard & Associates

866.732.4273 / 423.332.6555


Visit for more information. 

Learn about upcoming classes here

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