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Buying a car opens doors to new experiences and unforgettable memories, but it also opens doors to potential unexpected expenses. Our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage protects you from paying large out-of-pocket expenses for the “gap” between your insurance settlement and the balance of your loan in case your vehicle is totaled or stolen.



Keep your vehicle looking and feeling as new as the first day you drove it home. Our Select packages include

a hand-selected suite of our most valuable EasyCare benefits—protecting both your vehicle and your peace of mind.Embrace the journey…we’ll take care of the rest.



EasyCare Maintenance is the pre-paid maintenance program that saves you time and money with great service from your dealership

VSC Gold/ Vehicle Service Contracts Gold


With our four varying levels of coverage, you can cater to each customer’s specific needs, helping them protect their investment from unexpected repair costs and increasing their trade-in value when that time comes. And did we mention that we have the fastest claims payment response in the industry?

RV Coverage


Unfortunately, the road less traveled isn’t always the smoothest. EasyCare’s RV repair coverage offers a range of options, such as VSC and Tire & Wheel, so that your customers can focus solely on the journey ahead.



The moment your customers drive off in their new vehicle, be confident that they’re prepared for the curves ahead. With EasyCare’s full suite of the only MotorTrend® recommended benefits on the market, you can cater to every customer’s specific needs—helping them protect their investment from unexpected repair costs and increasing their vehicle’s trade-in value. Join some of the country’s most successful dealers (we’ve got bragging rights) in partnering with EasyCare.



MotorTrend is the leading national certified pre-owned program that differentiates your other makes and models from those on the market. Every MotorTrend Certified pre-owned vehicle comes equipped with a comprehensive warranty for the ultimate peace of mind. Plus, you’ll capture leads from the largest online network, giving your vehicles exposure to more than 11 million online shoppers and directing them back to your site.

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