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Proven Reliability

OwnerGUARD has over 25 years industry experience. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize products to not only meet the needs of our individual clients but also meet their market and regulatory requirements. Our service and support levels continue well beyond the signing of a contract.

Consumer Debt Protection


  • Fully insured by an insurance company rated A- Excellent.

  • Our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) product continues to lead the industry.

  • Our standard GAP product offers all-risk protection, no MSRP or model year restrictions, deductible coverage up to $1000 and the optional GAP Plus Option.

Vehicle Service Contract Programs


  • Fully insured by an insurance company rated A- Excellent.

  • Our Vehicle Service Contract programs offer stated coverage, exclusionary and wrap plans for both franchised and independent dealerships.

  • Optional coverages include lift kit and commerical use.

  • Emergency roadside assistance and tire protection

  • Rental benefit and travel and lodging.

Theft Loss Protection (TLP)


  • Fully insured by an insurance company rated A- Excellent.

  • Our Theft Loss Protection (TLP) is the only security product that cannot be bypassed or removed.

  • Permanent identification of property increases recovery rates and reduces theft.

  • Allowance toward the purchase of a new vehicle (multiple coverage options available).

Custom Products and Reinsurance Divisions


  • We are the Program Adminstrator for the strongest products in the industry. We insist on the highest levels of professionalism and utilize state of the art technology to provide unsurpassed service levels. More Info...


  • Enhancing wealth through a sound reinsurance structure, we provide our partners the opportunity to custom tailor a program to meet their needs and expectations. More Info...

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