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  • Walt Burns

Remarketing to Customers Who Declined Service Contracts

Reconnect with customers and recapture lost revenue at the same time. Learn how to reach your buyers that didn’t purchase a vehicle service contract with these four tips from EasyCare’s Walt Burns, featured in RVBusiness.

No matter how great your F&I department is, there will always be RV buyers who decline to purchase vehicle service contracts (VSCs) at the time they purchase their vehicle. Should your dealership just chalk it up as lost business? Absolutely not.

Increasingly, third parties are aggressively marketing to your RV dealership’s customers and selling them a variety of F&I products such as service contracts and tire and wheel. Many of these companies are just out to sell products without keeping your customers’ best interests in mind.

This is where you come in. Why not re-market to your own customers? Not only will you re-capture lost revenue opportunities in F&I and in service, but with the right approach you can strengthen customer relationships and build loyalty.

Here are a few tips for how to re-market to customers who declined to purchase vehicle service contracts.

Use Targeted Lists

Some marketing service providers can plug right into your customer database and identify which of your customers should be contacted, when to reach out to them, what products they are eligible to buy and more. Don’t waste valuable time and money re-marketing with a shotgun approach when you can use highly targeted lists that deliver better ROI.


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